Counters Creek scheme would be extortionately expensive and cause misery for residents

joecarCllr Joe Carlebach has written as follows to Thames Water.

Following the meeting on Thursday and the consultation deadline of 5th April I write to confirm my opposition to the current Thames Water Counters Creek plan. In particular my objection relates to the significant and adverse impact this scheme will have on the homes and businesses in the community I represent and have lived in for the last 25 years.

My objection relates to all three proposed sites in this immediate area namely Talgarth Road, the Brook Green Tesco car park and the Maclise Road site.

For the avoidance of doubt I understand and agree that a plan needs to be put in place to defend the homes and businesses impacted by the flooding seen in 2008. It is beholden on all of us to do everything we can to protect our fellow citizens from the misery of flooding be they in London, Cumbria or any part of the United Kingdom.

My issue with this scheme is it is extortionately expensive and the impact of its implementation will negatively impact huge numbers of ordinary residents and their homes. An impact out of all proportion to the residents and homes the scheme is designed to benefit.

There is still far too much vagueness about the case (and plan detail) for this project which is a significant concern given your desire to submit a planning application in June of this year as stated at the meeting in Olympia last Thursday.

As matters stand from the evidence available to me (and the immediate community) I give due notice that I intend to speak against the granting of planning permission for this project when it comes to the Hammersmith & Fulham planning committee later this year.

As I have made clear at the numerous ‘consultation’ meetings I have now attended I do this in sorrow not in anger. The disruption, pollution, financial loss and misery this project will generate in our community over a number of years will, in my view, do significant damage to the quality of life of residents and local businesses as well as to our much valued community cohesion. It represents an unacceptably high price for ordinary people to pay.

In conclusion in relation to the current Counters Creek scheme proposals I ask that you to go back to the drawing board. I ask that you use the significant corporate resources available to you as a monopoly supplier to seek a less expensive and significantly less intrusive solution to this particular aspect of flood prevention.

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