Cllr Caroline ffiske: Spring at last in Avonmore

IMG_1214 (1)Guest post by Cllr Caroline ffiske, community gardener. ffiske

Is it spring at last?

The bulbs in Gwendwr Rec are blooming – and they are beautiful.   This is thanks to the Bulbs for London initiative which was launched in 2012 by the Metropolitan Public Gardens Association  – and a long established Lincolnshire family firm, Taylors Bulbs. The scheme makes available spring bulbs to volunteers who plant them in IMG_0506agreed spots across London.

Since 2012, over 600,000 high quality spring bulbs have been distributed to around 450 parks and  gardens throughout London. Taylors not only supply the bulbs free of charge, but also foot the bill for delivery.  Many of the sites which have benefitted are in deprived areas and include schools, public gardens, hospices, churchyards, city farms and community gardens – often looked after by wonderful teams of volunteers.

The Gwendwr Rec bulbs are not the first time Avonmore has benefited from the scheme.  Sean Adamson of Friends of Marcus Garvey Park tells me that his group have planted over 6000 bulbs in the park, many thanks to this scheme.  The Lytton Estate has benefited too, this year.

A few of us planted the bulbs in Gwendwr Rec in late December 2015.  Helpers included my mother – and a team from Thames Water who were nearby.

Thanks MPGA, Taylor Bulbs, Thames Water, mum, and everyone else who helped.

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