Budget boost for Hammersmith “flyunder” proposal

Among the Budget announcements…

“The government invites TfL to bring forward proposals for financing infrastructure projects from land value increases, which could support schemes like the proposal for ‘flyunder’ tunnels to replace busy main roads and support redevelopment in Barking, Hammersmith or other town centres.”

6 thoughts on “Budget boost for Hammersmith “flyunder” proposal

  1. This is potentially excellent news, coupled with the recent statements by both Zac Goldsmith and Sadiq Khan promising support for the Hammersmith Flyunder project. Up until now TfL have refused to put it into their Capital Programme claiming there would be no support from central Government. This now removes this excuse. The next stage is to develop the scheme so that it achieves all the original objectives of reducing traffic and air pollution and re-uniting all of Hammersmith with its riverside but without excessive and detrimental high rise development.

  2. The aim should not be for a tolled tunnel, as was sadly confirmed before. This is not new capacity, and H&F residents will already have paid to use it via their road tax and fuel taxes.
    It should be funded entirely by property developer contributions, as they will be the ones to benefit most from the removal of the flyover. Anything else is ripping off the public.

  3. I think the Labour administration will be very reluctant to let any housing get built in Broadway ward that isn’t yet more social rent. This is their political citadel. So expect plenty more inertia, procrastination, delay, consultations, manufactured conflict with TfL and central government and so on.

    We all need to calm down and get realistic about the flyunder – it is unlikely to happen in the next five years and possibly even the next decade. This is the UK after all – we love to make a complete dog’s breakfast of straightforward infrastructure projects other countries take in their stride.

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