Votes needed for Tesco Bags for Life grant to the Walled Garden in Ravenscourt Park

IMG_0391The volunteer group the Friends of the Walled Garden in Ravenscourt Park is to be awarded a Tesco Bags for Life Grant to enable them to undertake a project to do at least some – and maybe even all – the clearing and replanting of three very over-grown and weed-bound herbaceous flower beds.

They have been chosen to receive one of three grants of differing amounts but which one will depend on people visiting  Tesco stores in Hammersmith, Shepherds Bush and Fulham during the period 27 February to 9 March.   Customers on each visit will be given a token to allocate to one of the three projects of their choice.

If the Walled Garden project gets the most tokens they will be able to get the work done on all three flower beds, if they get the fewest tokens they will only receive sufficient funding to do two of the beds.

herbaceous bed1-summer 2015So get visiting your local Tesco from next Saturday and visit often! It will not be known until then what other schemes the Walled Garden project will be competing against.

These grants come from the 5p charge for carrier bags which was introduced last year.  Tesco are going to award six such grants each year in each of their 427 regions for environmental projects by voluntary groups which have a public benefit.

herbaceous2-bindweedThe Friends of the Walled Garden was formed in 2002 when the whole historic garden was very run-down as it required more work done in it than the Council staff had time to do.   Since then most of the much visited garden has been transformed and returned to being a tranquil oasis in the middle of Hammersmith.  A grant was obtained in 2009 to fill in a disused pond and create an attractive planted ‘central feature’ which was added to in 2013 with the installation of an armillary sundial, funded by a WREF, landfill tax grant.

The award of a Tesco Bags for Life grant will enable the Friends to nearly complete, or even to complete, the restoration of the garden.

Each month on the first Saturday morning volunteers gather in the garden to weed, prune and plant depending on the time of year.   All potential new volunteers are welcome of all ages and whether they have gardened before or not.

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