Let’s clear up the eyesores in Ravenscourt Gardens

Ravenscourt Gardens is a lovely street just to the west of the Park. It includes Ashlar Court – which used to be a back-packers hostel but is now an attractive block of flats.

However there are a couple of eyesores which could and should be cleared up.

I was pleased to report last summer on plans to reopen Ravenscourt Park Hospital. But work has yet to get under way.

Catherine Smyth, the Council’s Team Leader for Planning Applications says:

“Applications for planning permission and listed building consent were made by London International Hospital Ltd, and approved in February 2008. They allowed the refurbishment of, and various extensions to, the hospital, including new radiotherapy facilities – refs: 2007/04211/FUL; 2007/04212/LBC.

“The applicants submitted a certificate of lawfulness application (ref: 2015/03600/CLE) which was approved in September 2015. This confirmed that building works on the scheme approved in 2008 had commenced  before the expiry of the planning permission in February 2011. With this certificate in place, it means that the applicants can lawfully continue with the development works.

“A letter from the planning agent submitted in support of the certificate application stated that the application had been formally made to enable the sale of the property to the applicants which was imminent, and to allow the works on site to progress.”

Catherine Thornton, the Team Leader for Planning Enforcement, adds:

“We have looked into this matter on several occasions;  and previously we have written to them asking them to clean up the litter and overgrown vegetation from the pathways.  I have arranged for  an officer to go down to the site and inspect it and if necessary we will write to them again.”

Also the Council’s Waste team say that Serco have been asked to ensure the bins are emptied regularly.

Then there is also Ravenscourt Stores, a large council owned site behind 50 Ravenscourt Gardens. Last June I was told it was “under review”. The latest news is it is still “under review”.

IMG_6617Sebastian Mazurczak, the Professional and Property Services Team Leader says:

“The review is still in progress to ascertain what would be the best proposals for Ravenscourt Park Stores. Currently options looked at are either redevelopment with Cost to Benefit analysis being undertaken currently or usage as part of the “Sweating the Assets” initiative to see how and if  it is viable to generate further income to the council.”

This lack of progress is very disappointing . Selling this site and restoring it to its former glory would reduce the Council debt and thus its interest bill which is a burden on the Council Taxpayer. It would also make the borough more beautiful.

The Council should get on with it.

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