Labour councillors in H&F push up allowances by £13,000 – then use Council PR machine to claim they are making a cut

It’s official. Labour have pushed up councillor allowances in Hammersmith and Fulham despite claiming to have cut spending on them.

This afternoon I had an email with the following information on spending in this respect:

Dear Councillor Phibbs

The budget is £745,300 for 15/16 and 16/17.


Kayode Adewumi
Head of Governance and Scrutiny

In an earlier email Kayode informed my of the total spending for last year of the Conservative council:

The expenditure for 2013/14 was £731,907.78.

You can see the amounts here and do the maths for yourself.

So Labour councillors have helped themselves to an extra £13,000 of your money. I have asked for the dishonest council press release to be corrected.


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