Minutes from meeting to discuss Olympia traffic problems

ffiskeCllr Caroline ffiske reports:



  1. Attendance

Ann Ramage Head of Environmental Health Commercial

Karen Ashdown Environmental Health Officer

Graham Souster Environmental Health Officer

Tony Pegrum Network Manager

Chris Bainbridge Head of Transport Policy and Network Management

Gillian Kiamil Venue Director

Stuart Tomlinson Olympia Assistant Director – Operations

Cllr Joe Carlebach

  1. Apologies

Councillor Wesley Harcourt

Mahmood Siddiqi Director of Transport and Highways

  1. Follow-up Actions


Person Leading


Produce a list of Council contacts for each topic area for Olympia

Ann Ramage

Explore the possibility of funding a dedicated Police officer(s) to provide traffic enforcement

Olympia and

Dave Page

Additional Sunday Parking Enforcement

Olympia to provide some identified dates when high footage is expected to Chris Bainbridge

David Taylor to approve some additional deployment whilst TMO is in force

To discuss MPS role in traffic enforcement with Deputy Mayor for Policing

Cllr Carlebach

Explore options to alleviate traffic pinch point at Olympia Way/Hammersmith Road junction

Chris Bainbridge

Explore options to alleviate pinch point at Gate L

Olympia to review the use of Gate L.

Explore options to alleviate pinch point at Gate L including possible relocation of parking bays

Chris Bainbridge to review parking provision

Promote the transport needs of Olympia visitors and local residents to TfL

Ann Ramage/Gillian Kiamil to review the existing arrangements with Marc Dickson and Stephen Priestley at TFL re the District Line provision

Bus Lanes and Traffic sequencing on Hammersmith Road

Chris Bainbridge to contact TfL to see if they are willing to participate in a review of the Bus Lanes traffic light timings and waiting /loading restrictions

Current TMO Review

Christiaan Uys leading on notification of TMO for 2016

Continue to refine TMO implementation times


Explore with TfL the use of VMS signs, on Hammersmith Road and further afield

Olympia, Chris Bainbridge and Tony Pegrum

Explore layout options for Olympia Way


Public Consultation on Zones B and E Parking restrictions

Chris Bainbridge and Edward Stubbings

In progress with a report scheduled to go Council in February 2016

Increase street cleaning at peak times and/or bin provision


Kathy May

Ann Ramage to update Waste Management colleagues

Hammersmith Road CCTV –

  • temporary installation
  • permanent installation

Graham Souster

Ongoing dialogue with Andrew Stocker, Olympia, David Page and Tony Pegrum

Review pavement drop kerb design arrangement by Gate F on Hammersmith Road

Tony Pegrum

Zebra crossing’ signage and safety on Network Rail land

TP – As discussed at the meeting we have had a look at this and consider that signage and markings are more than adequate. There are three very visible signs.

Ongoing Monitoring by Environmental Health of Olympia systems of work

Karen Ashdown/Graham Souster

In progress and ongoing until New Year

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