Traffic queues on Goldhawk Road – could they have been avoided?

goldhawkroadlaneRichard Winterton has sent me the following email. The points he makes sound reasonable to me and I have raised them with the Council.


You may have enjoyed the long queues on Goldhawk Road over the weekend caused by temporary traffic control lights.

A gas connection at 271 Goldhawk Road has required some of the pavement to be excavated. A route for pedestrians has been created along the edge of the road, and traffic lights installed to deal with the reduced carriage way width.

1. The reduced carriageway is wide enough for 2-way traffic to flow
2. Work to complete the gas connection should be planned to minimise the disruption of traffic lights- but the contractor has worked normal hours, stopping at 5 on Friday and at midday on Saturday.
3. With some careful planning pedestrians could have been routed around the end of the excavation with little or no encroachment on the road.
4. As a result of the lights, traffic has backed up along Goldhawk Road – on Friday back to Shepherds Bush – along Paddenswick Road, along Askew Roa! and along the Bath Road. The bus stop opposite has had to be closed.

This is bad management and bad planning causing unnecessary disruption to the community.  Probably no work on Sunday, so another major traffic jam on Monday.
I am not sure if LBHF Highways or TfL oversee these things. In this case in seems no one does.

Probably too late for effective action here, but perhaps some encouragement for more common sense in the future?

Best wishes
Richard Winterton

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