Council snubs local cyclists

Andrew Gilligan, the Mayor of London’s Cycling Commissioner, has been riding the route of Cycle Superhighway 9 in Hammersmith and Fulham but Hammersmith and Fulham Council haven’t allowed local cycling representatives to meet Mr Gilligan

John Griffiths of HF Cyclists says:

“It is perhaps surprising in light of the Council’s pledge for community involvement, that a representative from our group was not invited along.”

They would have liked to have discussed the Mayor’s Better Junction Review.

I hope that Mr Gilligan may be able to meet the cyclists another time despite the Council’s disappointing approach.

2 thoughts on “Council snubs local cyclists

  1. I cycle almost every day and am generally supportive of superhighways. But the bright blue paint applied to the roads is an abomination. Kensington and Chelsea is right to resist it, and we should too – there must be an alternative way of demarcating the route, especially in historic urban streetscapes and conservation areas.

  2. The superhighway in front of Buckingham Palace won’t be blue so objections to the colour is just an excuse, not the real reason.

    RBKC oppose cycle superhighways because they don’t want to upset their rich residents with their limos and 4x4s by re-allocating road space away from cars.

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