Labour MP’s shock attack on “Toxic Tessa”

Tessa_JowellAndrew Slaughter, the Labour MP for Hammersmith, has made an astonishing attack on Dame Tessa Jowell, the front runner to be the Labour candidate for Mayor of London. He says she is unelectable given her support for a third runway at Heathrow.

Mr Slaughter says:

“Heathrow expansion is a politically toxic issue. Any Labour candidate for Mayor standing for office on the ticket of an extra runway at Heathrow would lose the support of swathes of voters in West London. I can’t see how they could beat a Tory candidate opposed to Heathrow expansion.”

There are a couple of problems. First of all Mr Slaughter’s preference is for his fellow lawyer Sadiq Khan. But Mr Khan has been completely duplicitous on the issue.

Another difficulty is that Mr Slaughter has failed to convince most of the local Labour councillors in the borough. Of the 26 Labour councillors so far 16 have signed up for Toxic Tessa.

They are:

  1. Lisa Homan
  2. Sue Macmillan
  3. Max Schmid
  4. Andrew Jones
  5. Larry Culhane 
  6. Daryl Brown
  7. P.J. Murphy
  8. Vivienne Lukey 
  9. Sharon Holder 
  10. Alan De’Ath 
  11. Ben Coleman
  12. Elaine Chumnery
  13. Caroline Needham
  14. Adam Connell 
  15. Sue Fennimore
  16. Stephen Cowan

Just how serious is Labour in Hammersmith and Fulham to opposing a third runway? They seem to be at each other’s throats.



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