St Peter’s Square pothole turning into a crater

stpetpotThis pothole in St Peter’s Square is rapidly turning into a crater – prompting dismay from local residents.

A Thames Water engineer has confirmed that the depressions/voids are running along their sewer line in St Peter’s Square and that they are addressing the matter….

One thought on “St Peter’s Square pothole turning into a crater

  1. I realise this is most likely related to underground water mains, and something for Thames Water to deal with, but does anyone else have the sense that road repair budgets have been cut since Labour took over the council? In the four years I lived here up to May 2014, I was continually pleasantly surprised by the amount of road maintenance going on – there always seemed to be a road nearby being resurfaced. As a result, Hammersmith and Fulham’s roads were in pretty good nick, certainly compared to those in Ealing and Hounslow (even in the more affluent parts such as Chiswick). However that now seems to have stopped and I can’t remember the last time I saw a road around here closed for resurfacing.

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