Labour threaten London’s tech success warns Brent Hoberman

In the Evening Standard Brent Hoberman writes:

“When my partner and I set up in 1998, Britain’s tech scene looked very different from today.

Nobody had smartphones, most businesses weren’t using email addresses, and Twitter was the sound from a bird. We started with a lot of hope and chutzpah — but could never have predicted that the tech scene here in the UK would explode like it has.

The UK now has the largest digital economy in the G20, measured by percentage of GDP: greater than China, Germany and even the home of Silicon Valley itself, the United States.

London has been right at the forefront of this change. Think of the must-have apps on your phone: Shazam, JustEat or CityMapper. These and countless other start-ups have conquered the world from their London bases. London is now the envy of Europe for its technology entrepreneurs and momentum.

He adds that low tax has helped attract business. But he warns that Labour could threaten jobs and prosperity in our capital:

“We need to continue to build on this British success story. The tech successes create a huge number of jobs, save  people money and time, helping us to enjoy life more and are important for our children’s future. They position Britain as a country with a bright and strong future.

Many entrepreneurs I’ve spoken to are worried by the attitude towards enterprise coming from the top of the Labour Party. We need people in Westminster who appreciate enterprise, who will back digital entrepreneurs and keep London’s tech sector thriving and creating new jobs. All the evidence tells us that’s the Conservatives. They’ve taken the country a long way already — and they need to see the job through.”

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