The silence of Andy Burnham

The Hammersmith Labour Party are fighting the General Election campaign with a promise to “save” Charing Cross Hospital. The claim that the hospital – or it’s A&E – face closure is dishonest. But leave aside, for one moment, that way of characterising the NHS proposals. Would a Labour Government block the changes?

I have asked the Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham:

 Thus far there has been no reply. Of course he will be busy but he has has sent various other “tweets” in the interim. He might also decide to ignore me given that I am a political opponent. But his own Labour colleagues might also be interest in his clarification.

Not least Cllr Stephen Cowan, the Labour leader of Hammersmith and Fulham Council, who made just such a plea in the left wing weekly Tribune.

I believe the NHS proposals would mean an improvement for Charing Cross Hospital and that they would save lives. Some will agree, others have made very clear they disagree. But before Thursday next week shouldn’t we be told whether or not a Labour Government would allow those changes to proceed?

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