Woman swallowed as pavement collapses in North End Road

pavementnorthendAn alarming incident of the pavement collapsing outside the Marrakech Cafe in the North End Road near Fulham Broadway.

A woman was swallowed as the pavement collapsed and was rushed to Charing Cross Hospital. I am pleased that according to reports she was not seriously hurt.

I have written to Mahmood Siddiqi, Hammersmith and Fulham Council’s Director for Transport and Highways, asking for his comments.


Mahmood responds:

Dear Cllr Phibbs
Officers are still investigating the matter which is clearly very serious. However the information that we have is:-

– the hole in the footway was caused by the basement roof at 352 North End Road (the Marrakesh Express Restaurant) collapsing,.
– the incident involved a woman pushing a trolley (no push chair)
– apparently the hole appeared a few minutes earlier and the restaurant owners were trying to protect the area with a table
– when the Council were informed we sent out an emergency response team to secure the site
–  whilst the pavement is public highway and maintained by the Council, the property owner is responsible for maintaining the underlying basement structure underlying structure is the responsible
– we will serve a notice on the owner to carry out repairs to our satisfaction before reopening the footway

Mahmood Siddiqi
Director for Transport and Highways




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