£7,705 of Council Taxpayers money spent on Labour election propaganda

labelectionHere is a picture of some Labour supporters displaying some of their campaign literature. Nothing unusual about that at the moment, of course. Except that the material they are displaying was not paid for by the Labour Party but by the Council Taxpayers of Hammersmith and Fulham. The printing cost alone was £7,705. It was also posted to every household – saving Labour supporters the bother of distributing it. No wonder they looked so smug.

Furthemore the cost is not included against their spending limits. This limit is for the “long campaign” – from December 19th until March 30th and is based on a maximum sum of £30,700 + 6p/9p per elector.

The brochure in question made dishonest claims about police numbers by excluding Special Constables.

It attacked the Government “austerity cuts” as devastating while also claiming the magnificent Labour council had absorbed them without any cuts in services. It then declared – in something of an irony bypass – that the Council had ended spending on propaganda.

Residents may agree or disagree with the various Labour messages in the brochure. What is absurd is to pretend they are impartial. All fair minded democrats will see that it is quite wrong for it to have been put out – especially during the election campaign. But the Labour councillors – posing with Lord Adonis the enthusiast for Earls Court regeneration – do not appear contrite.


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