Andrew Slaughter among the Labour MPs who kept his staff on zero hours contracts

slaughterpicThe Labour candidate for Hammersmith Andrew Slaughter is among 68 Labour MPs to have used zero hours contracts for their staff.

This astonishing hypocrisy came to light after a Freedom of Information request by The Sun to IPSA, the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority.

Steve Turner, Unite regional officer, said:

“Parliament passed the laws that are supposed to protect pay and conditions.

“Our MPs ought to be upholding them, setting a high standard for employers.”

Meanwhile an independent fact checking site has concluded that the Labour leader Ed Miliband’s claim of an “epidemic” of zero hours contracts is false.

Except among Labour MPs it would seem….


3 thoughts on “Andrew Slaughter among the Labour MPs who kept his staff on zero hours contracts

  1. I will add this to my very long list of questions for Mr Slaughter or his supporters if they ever knock on my front door.

  2. It is quite alright for people on the left to employ casual labour, or to benefit from tax techniques such as deeds of variation, or to take donations from the bosses of large companies, because they are good people. If you are on the right and do these things, it is evidence of your bad character and malicious intent. This is beyond hypocrisy – it is a form of moral blindness.

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