Who would get woken up by a third runway at Heathrow?

mapnoiseGatwick Airport (who do, of course, have a vested interest as they want to have a new runway) have produced this interesting map indicating that 320,000 west Londoners would suffer from more noise if the third runway went ahead at Heathrow.

They say:

“People living in the area outlined in red will be most affected by noise in 2050 with a two runway Heathrow.

People living in the area outlined in blue will be most affected by noise in 2050 if Heathrow builds a third runway.

Populations living in the areas between the red and blue outlines will be newly flown over should Heathrow build a third runway.

The modelling has been compiled using Airports Commission data.”

I asked for a more detailed map for Hammersmith and Fulham – which wasn’t possible but Hannah Staunton, the Head of Community Engagement for Gatwick Obviously did say:

“I’ve been having some very enlightening conversations with the technical team about this. The northern part of your ward, from just below Goldhawk Road, all the way across to the eastern edge will be impacted by noise at a higher level than currently experienced, under the first of the suggested flight paths.

“Other wards including Hammersmith Broadway, Addison, Avonmore & Brook Green, Shepherds Bush Green, Askew, Wormholt & White City and College Park & Old Oak will be impacted too.

“The existing flight paths already show that all of H&F south of the A4 experiences noise levels above 55db, which the 2M group has maintained to be a serious nuisance for some time.

“I hope that’s helpful to you. Creating maps of individual roads isn’t possible at this stage, but if the mapping continues to be refined I will email you promptly.”



3 thoughts on “Who would get woken up by a third runway at Heathrow?

  1. You may find a more detailed map of the 55dBA Lden contour for the 2050 3 runway Heathrow option minimising the total number of people exposed as

    LNA 2034 on page 92 of 190 of

    Click to access 5-noise–figures.pdf

    This shows the tongue running along the Uxbridge Road to Shepherd’s Bush and then extending over Notting Hill with its tip reaching to the Serpentine in Hyde Park. Using flight routes over uninhabited parks, like Richmond Park and Wimbledon Common, helps to keep the numbers down !

  2. Just about everybody in Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush will be affected by increased noise and disturbance if a third runway is built at Heathrow. No one will escape. Add to this the extra traffic jams and pollution around the Broadway, already consistently above EU safety levels and it’s clear that quality of life will be badly affected by a third runway.

  3. What are the Tory Cllrs for LBHF doing about this to fight it?

    Are you going to oppose Theresa May?

    We hope so!

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