From Hammersmith to Anysmith: Why is Pret a Manger allowed to spoil Hammersmith and City Station?

pret H&C stationLocal resident Richard Owen recently joined the Hammersmith Society Chairman Rosemary Pettit in objecting to the proposed signage for the Pret a Manger outlet at Hammersmith and City Station, and the tables/chairs on the station concourse.

But the Council doesn’t seem to be listening.

Mr Owen says:

“I’m not sure the objections have had any effect. What has in fact appeared is:

1) Illuminated halo lighting on the main signs
2) An illuminated projecting sign
3) windows covered with large graphics and logos
4) tables, chairs and vinyl screens on the concourse
5) Pret’s corporate colour scheme of claret signage and dark grey on the window frames in full force

What has prevented planners from extracting a tougher bargain for this wonderful building?

– traditional painted rather than modern illuminated signage
– no projecting signage at all
– nothing on the concourse
– colour schemes that are in harmony with the building – for example the window frames on the left hand side are white.

To recall Richard Winterton’s resonant phrase, this seems to be another example of Hammersmith becoming ‘Anysmith’, yet one more historic English town centre obliterated by crass, strident corporate signage.”

3 thoughts on “From Hammersmith to Anysmith: Why is Pret a Manger allowed to spoil Hammersmith and City Station?

  1. This is serious blow to a wonderful restoration of the old station, beautifully positioned at the heart of the town centre. All that hard work is rewarded by this tacky disfigurement? Surely not. There are some decent corporate citizens involved here – LondonTransport renowned for design standards, Pret, which likes to be friends with everyone. and our new Council. The last Council sadly, showed very little interest or understanding of aesthetics and we’d hoped for better from this one. Surely these three parties realise this is not working for anyone? Or does does it need a fourth – residents – to tell them? Seems so… If we have any civic pride at all, we need to continue the protests until a another round of ‘restoration’ takes place…

  2. It’s so dull that we have to continually argue against the rapid takeover of bland, same-old corporate branding on our high streets. We should be proud of the restored exterior of the station and make that the focus for our eyes, not yet another fast food outlet. Those who want to buy coffees etc are quite capable of seeing the shop without its having to brand itself all over the facade of the building and onto the pavement. Take it away!

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