Cllr Joe Carlebach: A message to the French citizens of Hammersmith and Fulham

joecarA guest post from Cllr Joe Carlebach, councillor for Avonmore and Brook Green Ward.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Martin Luther King Junior

We have all watched in horror as the events in Paris have taken place over the last few days.

The brutal, heartless and callous murder of journalists, Police officers and Jewish shoppers has left the vast majority of us stunned and shocked.

The very basis of our Western European democracy has been attacked in the heart of the beautiful city of Paris. A wonderful city usually associated with art, culture and tolerance and a city where I spent a very happy year living and working.

We now have many French citizens in London and specifically in Hammersmith and Fulham who I am sure will be feeling the impact of the atrocities of the last few days particularly acutely.

I want to put on record that today I stand with you in this tragic and difficult time. I am sure that the overwhelming majority of all Londoners feel the same what ever their political affiliation, religion or background.

We will never surrender to intolerance, hatred and bigotry. We will not tolerate violence and prejudice.

Today we are all Charlie, we are all police officers, we are all jews.

Today we are all French.

Vive la France!


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