14 storey building proposed – to blot out the blue sky above Hammersmith Grove

A planning application has been put in for an ugly 14 storey office block at The Triangle (5-17 Hammersmith Grove And 1-11 Britannia House); 3 And 3A Hammersmith Grove And 12-18 Beadon Road .

This is the view looking south down Hammersmith Grove. The rather nicely refurbished Grove House is on the right hand side. The yellow building is on the Triangle site.


It is seven storeys – a reasonable maximum height for an urban setting, and still at a ‘human’ scale. So the proposed development will be twice as high at 14 storeys.

Local resident Richard Owen comments:

“Overstone, Southerton and Kilmarsh Roads are part of the Bradmore Conservation Area and yet the view modelling doesn’t consider the effect of the development from these streets. As they are immediately adjacent to the site the impact will be significant so I would ask that as a first step you ask the developer to extend the view modelling to cover this neighbourhood. Also, the development is considered to have a ‘beneficial’ impact in many of the views simply because a patch of blue sky is being blotted out by a large building that is not a complete eyesore but just another bland piece of modern architecture. In no way could this be described as ‘beneficial’ and the attempt to pass off the impact of the development on views from Hammersmith Grove for example as positive strikes me as specious and patronising. Please reject this approach.”

You can submit your comment here. The deadline is January 23rd.

4 thoughts on “14 storey building proposed – to blot out the blue sky above Hammersmith Grove

  1. Sky and sun have disappeared in the centre of hammersmith.instead we get hideous, vicious looking-sharp edged like knives -higher and higher monstruosities,dwarfing people who are condemmned to live in the dark. so called architects ,uneducated in the meaning of building in harmony with people and the landscape they want to live in,greedy developers and uncaring councillors ! .they will sit in the sun with their pockets full of gold high up there looking down on us.
    Poor hammersmith! You have become a gigantic,noisy,filthy building site wherever one goes and you will stay like this for many years to come with no consideration whatsoever for people who live here.

  2. I agree with the previous comments. Moreover we just do not need more office space in Hammersmith (evidence in the number of buildings currently un or underoccupied). S.Hammersmith Grove certainly has a sufficient office buildings.We do need better & more mixed housing, and better quality existing commerical outlets, but not more. KIng Street is an real eyesore & the majority of shops and restaurants of poor quality, as ever.

  3. I thought the new Labour controlled council and Planning application committee would do better for the residents. This plan is a disgrace – showing no thought for the residents living by and near it. It’s also an affront to show the “Plan” in the photo above which doesn’t reveal the true height of the building proposed. It implies the developers think the public won’t notice a 14 storey building application if the “photo” of it is small.And what genius thinks yellow is a good colour for a 14 storey office block?

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