Super Sewer not needed – The Thames already meets EU standards

Analysis of new data from the Environment Agency, obtained under Freedom of Information Act, shows that the Thames already complies with the Water Framework Directive and the European Waste Water Treatment Directive.

The Thames also complies with the Environment Agency’s Health and Aesthetic requirements, so there is can be no reason at all for the £4.2bn Thames Tideway Tunnel.

This is the conclusion in a new Report by Prof Chris Binnie  ‘A Review of Tideway spills and their environmental impact.’

Prof Binnie concludes that ‘post the Sewage Treatment Works upgrades, which are now operational, plus the Lee Tunnel, operational in 2015, and, if thought appropriate, the installation of floating booms and other low cost measures to collect floating debris, the Tideway will meet the requirement for no significant adverse environmental impact from Combined Sewage Outfalls.

‘Thus, there appears to be no reason at all to go ahead now with the Thames Tideway Tunnel in order to meet the requirements of the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive, since the Thames already complies with that EU Directive.’

Lord Berkeley commented: ‘there can no longer be any credible argument for going forward with this costly Tunnel project, £4.2bn at 2011 prices plus financing, operating and maintenance costs.

‘Cancellation will save some 14 million Thames Water customers having to pay an extra £80 per annum for the foreseeable future to fund this expensive folly!.

‘The time to stop this waste of money is now!’

Lord Berkeley has written to Lord De Mauley, Minister of State at DEFRA, urging the Government to stop any further expenditure on this project, and make 12m Thames Water customers, as well as the thousands of people affected by the works, happy.

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