Is the council consulting you on planning applications?

Ifwe are to have new buildings in our borough that make it more beautiful rather than more ugly then it is important for as many residents as possible to make their views known.

Below is the list of organisations that the council is supposed to consult.

Is your group included? If not please email me on and I will alert the planning officers. Similarly it may that your group is on the list but you are not receiving notifications as they are sent to an old address of someone who moved to Bridport six years ago. If so again please let me know and I will try to get it rectified.

Abdale Road Residents’ Association
Action Trust For The Blind
Ada Lewis Tenants’ And Residents Association
Addison Bridge Place Residents Association
Albion House Residents Association
Albion Mews Tenants Association
Alley Tenants And Residents’ Association
Amateur Rowing Association
Argyll & Glyn Co-operative Limited
Ashchurch Residents Association
Ashcroft Square Tenants’ And Residents’  Association
Askew Crescent/Clifton Avenue Residents’ Association
Askham Court Tenants’ Club
Aspen Gardens Tenants’ Association
Association Of Residents In Sands End (ARISE)
Avalon Road Residents Association
Avonmore Gardens Residents Association
Avonmore Mansions Residents Association
Avonmore Residents Association  
Banim Street Social Club
Barb Mews Association
Barclay Road Residents’ Association
Baron’s Court Residents Association
Barons Keep Limited
Barons Keep Tenants’ Association
Barton Court Residents Association
Barton House Tenants’ And Residents’ Association
Bishop Creighton House Community Centre
Bishops Mansions Limited
Bishops Park Conservation And Improvements Group
Blythe Neighbourhood Forum
Brackenbury Residents’ Association
Brading Tenants’ & Residents’ Assonciation
Brickfields Area Residents Association
Brightwells And Lowlands Tenants’ And Residents’ Association
Britannia Road Residents Association
British Grove Group
Broadway Supported Housing Trust
Brompton Park Residents Association
Friends of Brook Green
Brook Green South Residents Association
CARMRA Clem Attlee Residents’ Association
Carnwath House Tenants’ And Residents’ Association
Cathnor Park Area Action Group
Charcroft Court Tenants’ And Residents’ Association
Charecroft Estate Tenants’ And Residents’ Association
Charecroft Estate Tenants’ And Residents’ Association
Chiswick Protection Group
Cleverly Tenants’ Association
Clifton Avenue Residents Association
Colebrook Social, Cultural & Welfare Association
College Park Residents Association
Community And Voluntary Sector Association
Conservation Society
Crabtree Estate Residents’ Association
Crisp Road Residents’ Association
Da Palma Court Tenants’ Association
Devonport Road Residents Association
Digby Mansions (20-29) Residents Association
Dorcas Estate Tenants & Residents Association
Drive Mansions Residents Association
East Chiswick Residents Association
East Sector Working Group
Edward Woods Tenants’ And Residents’ Association
Emlyn Gardens Tenants’ And Residents’ Association
Emlyn Road Residents Association
Empress Place Action Group
Eynham Residents Association
Faroe Road Residents Association
Flora Gardens Tenants’ Association
Friends Of Brompton Cemetery
Friends Of Chelsea Studios
Friends Of The Earth Hammersmith & Fulham
Fulham & Hammersmith Historical Society
Fulham Alliance
Fulham Archaeological Rescue Group (FARG)
Fulham Court Tenants’ Association
Fulham Palace Trust
Fulham Society
Furnivall Gardens Tenants Association
Gayford Road Association
Gibbs Green Tenants’ And Residents’ Association
Glyn Leaseholders Association
Godolphin Road Community Garden Association
Goldhawk Road Residents Association
Grampian Residents Association
Granville Mansions Association
Greater Hammersmith
Greenside Residents Action Group
Grove Neighbourhood Council
Grove Tenants Association
Hadyn Tenants Association
Haldane Residents Association
Halford Residents Association
Hamlet Court Residents Association
Hammersmith & Fulham Historic Buildings Group
Hammersmith & Fulham Police Community Safety Unit
Hammersmith & Fulham Tenants And Residents Associations
Hammersmith And Fulham Action On Disability (HAFAD)
Hammersmith And Fulham Disability Forum
Hammersmith And Fulham Historical Society
Hammersmith Community Gardens Association
Hammersmith Community Trust
Hammersmith Embankment Residents Association
Hammersmith Grove Group
Hammersmith Society
Hammersmith Mall Residents’ Association
Harbledown Residents Association
Harwood Mews Residents’ Association
Herbert Court Tenants Association
Hever Estate Tenants Association
Hilary Close Residents Association
Hurlingham District Residents Association
Hurlingham Mansions Residents Association
Imperial Wharf (East) Residents’ Association
Independent Residents at Townmead Estate (IRATE)
Island Triangle Residents Association
Jepson House Tenants’ And Residents’  Association
John Knight Lodge Residents Group
Kelmscott Gardens Tenants’ And Residents’ Association
Kensal Rise Association Of Boaters
Kensington Hall Gardens Residents Association
King Edward Mansions Residents & Tenants
King Henry’s Reach Residents Association
King Street Traders Association
King’s Court (London) Association
King’s Court Residents Association/Private Tenants Assoc
Kingsley House Residents Association
Kingwood/Munster/Wyfold Residents’ And Tenants’ Association
Lancaster Court Tenants’ Association
Latymer Court Freehold Company Limited
Latymer Court Tenants’ Association
Lewis Trust Tenants Association
Lillie Road Residents’ Association
Lime Grove Residents Association
Linacre Court Tenants Residents Association
Lisgar Estate Southern Housing Group
Local Agenda 21 Forum (Hammersmith & Fulham)
Loftus Road Residents Amenities Prt Association
London Cyrenians Housing
Lord Napier Place Residents Limited
Lord Roberts Mews Management Limited
Loris Road Community Garden Association
Lygon House Residents Social Club
Lytton Estate Tenants’ And Residents’ Association
Lytton House Tenants Association
Macfarlane Road Residents Association
Malvern Court & Landor Walk Social Club
Malvern Court Tenants’ Association
Margravine & Field Road Tenants’ Association
Margravine Gardens And St Dunstan’s Road Residents’ Assoc.
Marryat Court Residents’ Association
Marryat Square Management Company
Masbro Residents Association
Maystar Tenants’ Association
Millers Court Tenants Association
Minford Gardens Tenants Association
Mortimer Square Residents Association
Napier Court Residents’ Association
New Deals For Communities Team
New Hurlingham Court Ltd
New Hurlingham Court Ltd
New King’s Road West Residents’ Association
North End House Residents Association
North Kensington Amenity Trust
North Sherbrooke Residents Association
Old Oak Community Association
Old Oak Tenants’ And Residents’ Association
Palace Mansions Leaseholders Association
Palliser Court Residents Association
Park Court Sheltered Scheme
Park Mansions Tenants Association
Parkview Court Residents Association
Parsons Green Residents Association
Peabody Estate Tenants’ Association (Hammersmith)
PETAL Peabody Estate Tenants’ Association (Fulham)
Peterborough Road & Area Residents’ Association
Philpot Square Tenants’ Association
Phoenix Lodge Residents Limited
Pulton Place Tenants Association
Queen Caroline Tenants’ And Residents’ Association
Queens Club Gardens Ltd
Queens Club Residents’ Association
Queens Mansions Leaseholders’ Association
Ranelagh Sailing Club
RAPA – Residents Amenity Protection Association
Ravenscourt Action Group
Residents’ Association Of Coverdale Road
Residents Of Moore Park Area Association
River Gardens Amenity Limited
River Gardens Residents’ Association
River Thames Society
Robert Owen House Tenants’ Association
Rockley Court Management Limited
Romney Court Residents’ And Tenants’ Association
Rosebank Residents Association
Royal Crescent Association
Rugby Mansions Limited
Rylston Road Residents Association
Safer Neighbourhoods Team – Addison Ward
Samuel Lewis Trust Residents’ Action Group
Sands End Area Projects In Action
Save The Children Fund (Travellers Unit)
Shepherds Bush Bar Charter
Shepherds Bush Local History Society
Shepherds Bush Market Tenants Association
Shepherds Bush Place Residents’ Association
Shepherds Bush Residents Association
Sinclair Road Residents’ Association
Sir Oswald Stoll Mansions Residents’ Association
Springvale Terrace Tenants’ And Residents’ Association
St Mungo’s
St. Paul’s Court Estate (Management Committee)
St. Pauls Studios Residents Association
St. Peter’s Residents’ Association
Stamford Brook Residents’ Association
Stamford Court Residents’ Association
Stocken Tenants Action Group
Sulgrave Gardens Residents’ Association
Sulgrave Leaseholders Association
Sulivan Court Tenants’ And Residents’ Association
The Avenue Leaseholders Association
The Chelsea Society
The Hammersmith Society
The Island Triangle Residents’ Association
The London Heliport Limited
The Maltings Residents Association Limited
The Piperian Residents Association
The Ravenscourt Society
Townmead Youth Club
Triangle Residents
Twynholm Tenants’ Association
United Women’s Homes Association
Valetta Road Area Residents Group
Vanston Place Tenants Association
Vereker Road Tenants’ Association
Verulam House Residents’ Association
Verulam House Residents’ Association
W14 Housing Co-operative
Walham Green Court Residents’ Tenants’ Association
Walham Grove Residents’ Association
Wandon Road Residents Association
Welbeck Court Residents Association
Wells House Road Residents Group
Wendell Park Community Group
Wesley Estste Residents Association
West 12 Housing Co-operative
West Kensington Court Residents Association
West Kensington Residents Association
West Kensington Tenants’ Association
West London Architectural Society
West London Federation Of Tenants
West London River Group
West London Studios Residents Association
Westminster Society
White City Community Association
White City Residents’ Association
Whiteholt Community Association
William Church Tenants’ And Residents’ Association
Wood Lane Tenants’ Association
Woodmans Mews Tenants’ And Residents’ Association
Wormholt Estate Tenants’ And Residents’ Association
Youth Parliament

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