Collapse in enforcement of penalties for littering under Labour

Many residents have noticed how the streets are less clean in Hammersmith and Fulham since Labour took control in May.

Why has this happened? One explanation may be the end of the “walkabouts” with the contractors Serco. I am also trying to discover if the contracts have been changed.

But another side of the story is enforcement. If people can get away with dropping litter – rather than being fined £80 – this will have an impact.

Roy Instrall, the Street Scene Enforcement Manager, tells me the figures for Fixed Penalty Notices issued for littering this year are as follows:

January 2014 = 74
February 2014 = 4
March 2014 = 43
April 2014 = 59
May 2014 = 102
June 2014 = 58
July 2014 = 46
August 2014 = 8
September 2014 = 0
October 2014 = 2

This simply is no longer a priority now that we have a Labour administration.

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