Legal challenge to the “Great Drain Robbery”

Thames Blue-Green Economy, a coalition of independent water industry experts has lodged a Judicial Review in the Royal Courts of Justice to the Government granting Development Consent Order for Thames Water’s Thames Tideway Tunnel – the “Super Sewer”.

The argument is that the Decision is unlawful because the Government is in breach of the public participation requirements under the Environment Impact Assessment Directive and British Law. The positive cost-benefit of Blue-Greening, i.e. capturing rainwater locally, are now being prioritized around the World and could transform the environment, local economy and health of communities across London, while reducing air pollution, flooding and drought.

I understand another complaint has been lodged with the Advertising Standards Authority, challenging Thames Water’s well-funded propaganda campaign for the TTT, which has materially misled their consumers and their elected representatives since 2010.

Blue-Greening has proved an effective long term solution to urban rainwater problems in major world cities such as New York, Copenhagen and Philadelphia. The benefits for London include decentralized flood mitigation and handling stormwater at source rather than channeling it into a pipe in which it is then mixed with sewage. The benefits to the London economy include a long-lasting legacy of “green collar” jobs, drought and climate change mitigation, through reduction of the heat island effect, lower energy consumption and improving air quality.  Air pollution is currently linked to one in every 12 deaths in London.

All of these benefits would be available at a substantial discount to the estimated £4+bn (capital only!) cost of the white elephant that is the TTT – a 19th century solution to a 21st century problem.

Lady Berkeley, the Director, Thames Blue-Green Economy says:

“The Thames Tideway Tunnel will, in effect, turn fresh rainwater into sewage at vast public expense and environmental damage.”

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