Labour council retweets endorsement from the BNP

Earlier this month I registered my concerns about the Council’s official Twitter account being used to promote inaccurate and party political propaganda.

It would be used to “retweet” messages from Labour councillors but not Conservative ones. There was also an endorsement of the dishonest “Save our Hospital” campaign. Before Labour took over in May the rules about council resources not being used for Party political activity were followed – there werte no retweets from councillors or promotion of partisan content.

This afternoon the Council retweeted a message to support its scaremongering oer Charing Cross Hospital. It came from the West London BNP:

BNPHFThe Code of Recommended Practice on Local Authority Publicity makes clear that the council should not be using its resources to promote the Labour Party – or the BNP’s endorsement of Labour’s campaigning.

I have demanded an explanation and an assurance that the Council Twiter account will not be abused in this way in the future.

One thought on “Labour council retweets endorsement from the BNP

  1. A bit rich from the people who, when in power, used LBHF tax-payers money not to tweet propaganda (which is essentially free) but to print all manner of expensive leaflets, newspapers and magazines masquerading as information for local residents, but loaded with political pieces, promoting only Tory councillors.

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