Improvements coming soon to Ravenscourt Park

RavenscourtPark_415_tcm21-127879The Friends of Ravenscourt Park held their AGM at Holy Innocents Church last night.

There is always much debate about how many events should be allowed to take place at the park.

It is certainly heavily used and the proposals for a Farmers Markets will not proceed for the time being.

The good news is that there should soon be a bit more space with the opening up of arches. Already eight skips have been filled with junk stored there.

Here is an update:

This project covers twelve archways in total.

Four of the archways will continue to be used for storage by the LB of Hammersmith and Fulham. 

A further archway will continue to be used by the council’s term contractor Serco, for storage.

The two central archways that currently provide pedestrian access into the park will be cleaned and repainted.

The existing metal hoarding on either end of five archways will be removed to open up the arches to pedestrian access and views into the park.

A new footpath on the south side of the arches will be installed to improve access.

floodI would like to see a ping pong table in one of the arches. What would you like to see?

Anyway some other improvements are due very soon:

  • Completing the diagonal avenue of trees in the park, removing dead ones has been arrange for this winter.
  • Improved drainage in pathways which flood, near north and south tennis courts is due to take place this month. This picture gives an indication of how important this is in heavy rain – of the kind we had last year.
  • New benches are due to be installed this month.

One thought on “Improvements coming soon to Ravenscourt Park

  1. I’d like to see a farmers market. There’s a paucity of fresh food vendors in the area, and the market at Chiswick is really very good but just too far away. Surely you agree, Harry?

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