Nicole Jacobs: What is Standing Together?

nicoleA guest post from Nicole Jacobs, the Chief Executive of Standing Together

Standing Together is a charity based in West London that coordinates the local approach to domestic violence and also does work nationally and internationally. Launched more than 13 years ago, Standing Together works to promote a co-ordinated, multi-agency community response to domestic violence. This approach recognises that no one agency can tackle domestic violence effectively if acting alone. Without effective coordination of activities between agencies, responses are less effective and survivors of domestic violence are still at risk of falling through the gaps in the system.

The coordinated partnership model enables all the relevant agencies to identify and respond successfully to domestic violence. We work together with statutory and community organisations – from criminal justice agencies to children’s services and refuges – to ensure that victims and children are safer, and perpetrators are held to account.

We also influence national policy and practice by initiating and driving innovation in providing safer options for women and holding perpetrators accountable. We have influenced national and local government and ensured a better response to domestic violence. As a result, significant and positive changes have occurred in the provision of special courts and enhanced expert services and policies aimed at reducing the risk to women.

We act as the domestic violence coordinator for Hammersmith & Fulham. What is unique about us is that we have divided the role of the coordinator – so we have a dedicated Maternity Coordinator, Children and Health Coordinator, Specialist Domestic Violence Court Coordinator, MARAC (multi-agency risk assessment conference) coordinator, Housing coordinator. Our work is not only limited to H&F, but we also work within the tri-borough (K&C and Westminster) and have MARACs in the tri-borough as well as in Brent, Ealing and Haringey.

For more information, please visit our website

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