Planning News – London House, King Street and Fitzjames Avenue

London House

There was huge disappointment to local residents when the Planning Inspector allowed the appeal by Linden Homes against the Council’s refusal of planning permission for the London House site on King Street. This was despite the proposals being higher than the recommended density, providing no affordable housing and in breach of the Borough’s guidelines on amenity or garden space for the flats.

The Hammersmith Society represented local amenity groups and gave evidence at the enquiry to support the Council.

Cllr Lucy Ivimy also supported local residents and gave evidence on their behalf against Linden Homes.

Unfortunately, Linden Homes were represented by a top barrister in the field of planning and his arguments won over the Inspector.

Residents will now be confronted with a large block directly opposite the formal entrance to Ravenscourt Park of dense flats. We are pushing the Council to see if it is possible to challenge the Inspector’s decision. However, it is very rare that this is possible, and we are not very hopeful.

Fitzjames Avenue

On a happier note, there was rare political unity in the Planning Committee when the plans to shoehorn flats into the basement and roof space of the fabulous Fitzjames Avenue mansion blocks were firmly rejected. Cllr Caroline ffiske, representing residents, had made sure that this application was heard by the Committee rather than being decided by the Council officers.

All three local councillors spoke eloquently on behalf of residents in defence of the integrity and preservation of these very handsome buildings.


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