Labour’s £400,000 funding cut for voluntary groups

Labour-run Hammersmith and Fulham Council have approved big cuts in the grants for voluntary groups in the borough.

The funding for 2014/15, which was set by the Conservatives was £3,598,709. For 2015/16 Labour will be spending £3,623,423. So that is a small cash increase but a cut in “real terms” after allowing for inflation. Let us call it a freeze. But then in 2016/17 Labour plan to cut the spending to £3,402,438. In 2017/18 they have decided on a further cut to £3,204,784.

Nobody should be surprised that Labour’s slashing funding to community groups by £400,000 – it’s what they did last time they ran the council when Andrew Slaughter was the council leader.

What adds insult to injury is that Labour’s using council resources to make the false claim that are increasing funding by £400,000.

Does the Labour Party seriously imagine that the voluntary sector won’t notice the difference?

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