On your bike, Jeremy

Recently the BBC presenter Jeremy Vine, asked me, via Twitter:

How do I get from the cycle path (left, in red) to the red on Hammersmith Road?

bikemapI asked Chris Bainbridge, the Council’s Head of Transport Policy and Network Management to respond:

“If you’re cycling along the shared use cycle/footway alongside the A4, you’ll come to a signal controlled crossing which goes under the flyover. Keep going straight past that crossing to the next one. Cross here, then head under the flyover into Sussex Place.

“Then cross Queen Caroline Street, and into the road with the Apollo on the right. Cross the north end of Fulham Palace Road (northbound) on the crossing, but don’t cross towards the tube station entrance, rather, keep underneath the flyunder, crossing at the lights the entrance and exit lanes to Hammersmith Bus Station and then the southbound entrance to Fulham Palace Road. Take the shared use cycle/footway parallel to the flyover, over the tube lines and then cross under the flyover at the first set of signals you come to. Once over the two crossings, you’ll see a red segregated cycle track on the right, alongside the Novotel.

“Follow this to its end, then turn left into Shortlands, where an advisory cycle lane will take you to Hammersmith Road.

“Unfortunately, the width of the parts of this route which are under the flyover is currently very constrained due to the flyover renovation works being undertaken by TfL.

“As you may know, the Council would like to see the flyover replaced by a tunnel, which would give, among other things, opportunities for greatly improved cycle and pedestrian routes. In the shorter term, TfL have announced that Hammersmith Broadway is one of the top priority junctions across London for improvements to cyclists safety, but we don’t know yet when funds will become available or the work will be done.

I would be happy to meet you on site and show you the route and possible ¬†alternatives if you would like to suggest a date and time that is convenient for you.”

It’s going to happen! Messrs Vine and Bainbridge are going on a cycling tour together – assuming Mr Vine manages to keep up.

I will let you know how they get on.

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